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Emily May entered my room in a most unusual way. She was 14 months, had a white, marbled complexion and was grizzling. Her Mum had to hold her at arms length because if she held her any closer to her body the grizzling volume went up.

"I hate this baby." were Mum's opening words. "Do something about it."

The family had come back to me because I had already treated older brother Joe. They had undergone weeks of family therapy because the child psychologist treating Joe had decided his severe hyperactivity was due to deep rooted psychological problems in his doting parents. They were delighted when my response had been "Psychobabble: what a load of crap!". One week later, on the Ketogenic diet - the practical details, Joe had been transformed from an impossible toddler destined to become tomorrow's juvenile delinquent to a quiet, gentle, model student. The only problem was he could only sustain this by dint of sticking to a very restricted diet. The list of incitant foods was a nightmare for his mother whose whole life was spent shopping and cooking safe foods. So we started Joe on desensitising doses of Enzyme Potentiated Desensitisation (EPD) - how it works and he did very well. After three doses he was eating most foods except dairy, wheat and tap water. After 6 doses his diet was normal and so was Joe.

"Do the same for Emily May, now!" I'd never given EPD to a 14 month baby, but I could not think of a logical reason for why I shouldn't. After all, EPD is essentially a homeopathic treatment and I could not imagine doing any harm. It is always funny how at moments of stress in my medical life, I start day-dreaming about being in the dock. "So, Dr Myhill, you decided to treat this 14 month child, who really had no serious medical problem, with a remedy espoused by the very few. Do you think that was sound medical practice?" Fortunately these have always just been day-dreams and, so far, nothing more.

Emily May got her first dose of EPD there and then (Mum knew the pre-EPD rules) and came back for more. Seeing her transformed into a pink, fat, cuddly, loving, happy toddler was a joy.

I'm involved with training sessions for other doctors in London, run by the society, for which I was secretary for ten years, the British Society for Ecological Medicine (previously the BSAENM) - see BSEM website and Practitioners of Ecological (Allergy, Environmental, Nutritional) Medicine. As Dr Honor Anthony said at the 2001 training course: "In environmental medicine, we expect to see miracles in everyday practice."

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