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Public access

Although this website is based on the Wiki programme, visitors to this website cannot create accounts, make changes to and edit article pages or discuss articles.

Looking for information

This website contains a large number of articles relating to many different medical conditions as well as information about a number of diagnostic tests.


The articles in this website are grouped by topic. All the topics (called "Categories" throughout this website) are listed

  • at the bottom of the Main Page and
  • in the "categories" box to the left of this message

Each category has a brief introduction, which contains the quintessence of my approach to treating problems in that topic. The introduction is followed by a list of links to all the articles currently in that category.


At the very bottom of each article you will find the category or categories in which this article is listed. By clicking on a category name you can view all the articles in that topic.

Using "search" function

Please look to the right hand side at the top of the page immediately under the Log in button. The search facility is really brilliant and allows you to search for information on this website in several ways.

GO button

  • You can type a word or phrase in the search box, for example, "magnesium" and click the GO button. If a page with a matching title exists on the website, then you will be taken directly to that page.
  • If there is no page whose title matches exactly the word(s) you have typed in the search box, for example, "blood clotting", then the result will say: There is no page titled "blood clotting".
  • However, the second part of your search result gives you links to two types of pages. They are:
    • Page title matches (the word or phrase you are searching for appears in the title of the page)
    • Page text matches (the word or phrase you are searching for appears somewhere in the text on the page).

SEARCH button

  • This button is useful when you want to see all the articles which contain the word or phrase you are interested in. The results will, again, come back as two lists:
    • Page title matches
    • Page text matches
  • With the SEARCH button it does not matter whether the word or words you type in are the precise title of an article. The search result will return ALL the articles that have the word(s) either in their title or in their body.

Ordering tests

If you are visiting my website with a view to ordering one or more tests, then you can either search for the test you want, or browse through the list of tests, or you can follow the link to the test(s) from an article. All the information about the ordering process is in Ordering Tests. A copy of the result will be sent to your GP with my letter of interpretation so please, make sure you have given me his/her postal and e-mail addresses (if the latter available).

If there are any tests you would like which are not included in my list of tests, please, send me an e-mail ( with your request and I shall do my best to arrange that test for you.

Contacting my practice

You can use the information in How to contact us page to get in touch with me and members of my staff.

However, I cannot give medical advice without consultation, especially if you send me details of acute medical problems, i.e. sudden serious symptoms. I am not always in a position to reply to each query personally nor can I respond adequately to an urgent message. Because I am the only medical practitioner in my practice and am often away for 2 - 3 days at a time, I cannot guarantee that I will view all e-mail messages every day.

If you are experiencing unusual or new symptoms which worry you, you must report them to your GP/medical practitioner and/or to your local hospital Accident and Emergency Department.