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Fatigue is the commonest symptom experienced by people and the worst treated symptom by conventional medicine. This is why this section is so large! Chronic fatigue syndrome is a particularly severe form of fatigue, but everyone, including trained athletes, can improve their energy levels, performance and efficiency by applying the principles in this section.

As we age we all develop fatigue - again applying all these principles helps us to slow the normal ageing process.

  • The bolt on extras for fatigue include diet and fermenting gut (fuel in the tank), sleep (regular service time), mitochondrial function (the engine of your car), hypothyroidism (the accelerater pedal) adrenal function (the gear box), detoxing (catalytic converter and exhaust pipe), methylation cycle (tool box) Edge Effect (driver of the car) etc.
  • A new page has been set up called Useful aids for CFS and ME sufferers. The title is self-explanatory. If you would like to share your good experience with an aid or gadget, please let me know and I will add it to the list.

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