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STOP PRESS - Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, all workshops are cancelled until further notice. I shall contact the organisers separately.

Dr Myhill’s Travelling Workshops for Ecological Medicine


Aims – I have got to the stage where the initial work-up to treat CFS/ME is standard and well covered in our books. What I need to do now is to show people how to go about self-management ie teach people how to heal themselves.

The word ‘doctor’ is derived from the Latin ‘docere’ (to teach) and so I am, at last, living up to my title!

How the day will work

  • I will provide all participants with an A3 sheet of paper with a management plan which provides the overall strategy. This will link to chapters in my books so it is clear where you can find further background on each subject. This will allow you to develop your personal management plan.
  • I will send the management plans electronically to the organisers in advance who can pass this onto participants- - so you will know what to expect.
  • I will guide all participants through this so that by the end of the day each participant will have their own personalised plan for recovery. You just need to bring a pen. Th is will be a simply tick box exercise. If you wish to fill in the frame electronically then do bring a laptop or such.
  • If you have had any tests done, then please bring the results along and I will go through them on the day
  • I will also bring a list of resources (books, supplements etc) so you can purchase the necessary on the day to get started.
  • I shall not be using computers or wifi as I am very aware of the problems of electrical sensitivity.
  • We need a comfortable room where we can all sit down perhaps with space for some to lie horizontal.
  • I am very happy to sit on the floor (I like sitting on the floor!) and I will bring a bean bag for me


  • I will arrive and be with you by 8.45
  • Aim to start at 9am. I will start talking then. I shall not wait for late comers! I will start with the overall strategy, move on to symptoms based on what you, the participants, describe. I shall explain what they mean (mechanisms) and move on to treatments.
  • 12.45 – I shall disappear to check on Nancy and be back 1.30
  • 1.30 – restart where we left off.
  • At any stage interrupt, ask questions. It is no good me waffling on if I have left someone behind! Anyone is welcome to record the meeting.
  • 3.30 I shall stop talking! 30 mins for anyone to purchase books or whatever. I shall have a mobile card reader for credit card payments. OR bring cash.
  • 4.00 I shall leave!
  • Please bring your own water and food (or liaise with organiser).
  • Please respect the organisers who are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts!

What I expect from attendees

  • I am running these workshops to teach strategy. Getting well is a “game” – I can teach you the rules of the game but you have to play it yourself with all the resources you can muster. I cannot micro-manage each attendee! I shall not be doing any private consultation with individuals. But you will pick up much by listening to the individual case histories and test interpretations and fill in your own management plan as we go on.
  • I can show you where and how to access tests and laboratories. Details of how to interpret these are in our book, Ecological Medicine.
  • Attending these workshops does not make you one of my patients. I cannot take responsibility for your management and I cannot field subsequent emails as I would be overwhelmed!
  • However, I do expect participants to use and perhaps sign up to Natural Health Worldwide where they can find further help from experienced patients, qualified health professionals and medical doctors who are accepting new patients.
  • Also, I would expect any practitioners who attend one of these workshops to sign up to Natural Health Worldwide. It is totally free and here is the link to register - Natural Health Worldwide Practitioner Sign Up Page

How I can help you subsequently

  • If you wish me to check your management frame, please put this into an electronic form and send to me by email. I will look and correct and suggest additions or tests. This will take me 20 mins and I would charge £70 for this. If it takes longer I will let you know and ask if it is OK to spend your money on more time!
  • Test interpretations – if you wish me to interpret your tests then please send me the tests and I will do at the same rate as above. Again I would allow 20 mins but if it takes longer then I will again check the cost with you first.
  • For both of the above please send me any diagnosis you already have, your age, sex, past or present occupation, energy score (Bell disability scale) BMI, pulse rate and blood pressure.
  • An example is appended below (yes it is me, but no I do not have CFS/ME!)

12 Jan 2020 Female 62 born 1958 – medical doctor

Date Diagnoses you already have Triggers you know Mechanisms (for me to fill in and advise)
As a child Asthma. Hayfever. Snotty nose Must avoid dust, horse, dog
2000 CFS/ME Glandular fever (sick as a pig)
2013 Arthritis DAIRY

Test Significant Result What it means [for me to fill in] Actions [for me to fill in]
How much energy you have on the Bell disability scale? 30/100 to 50/100 (bad or good day)
BMI 21.3
Pulse rate 64 beats per min
Blood pressure 108/74
  • The above can be done anonymously if you wish. If not, please state that you are happy to communicate with me by email without using encryption.
  • Please note this does not make you a patient of mine – I cannot be responsible for your care without taking a full medical history. These recommendations are to help you and your GP or consultant determine the best possible treatment for you.
  • Your GP or consultant is most welcome to get in touch with me by email should they have any questions or concerns.

Resources I shall bring on the day

Our books (authors SM and Craig Robinson) SeeSales at Dr Myhill Website Book Page Cost (no p and p) on the day
“Ecological Medicine – the antidote to Big Pharma”. This contains most of the course work and is our magnum opus! 79 chapters and 5 appendices covering General Medicine. The first edition Sustainable medicine won the Beryl Bainbridge prize. If you wish to prepare for this workshop, then purchase in advance. It is due out Jan 2020. £30 (I think!)
“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME - -it’s mitochondria not hypochondria”. British Medical Association Book Awards 2015 - highly commended. £13
“The Infection Game” – many cases of ME and all chronic pathology have an infectious driver. This book explains how one can improve the immune defences and which strategies can get rid of these nasty infections £12
“The Paleo-Ketogenic Cookbook” – the nitty gritty of the PK diet £12
“Diabetes – delicious diets not dangerous drugs”. How to cure diabetes through diet and supplements. Why the PK diet is so essential £12

..........and a range of the most popular nutritional supplements! (Whatever I can lug!)

All else availible at Sales at Dr Myhillwhere you can also see a picture of me with my best friend Nancy

How to get your group of people together

You can do this on your own, of course - anyone and everyone is 'eligible' to come.

Or you could join this Facebook group, run by Craig Robinson, where you will find like-minded people -- Dr Myhill's Travelling Workshops Facebook Group

How to book me

  • If you are interested in running a day then you need to:
    • Book a day with me accompanied by £250 (this is to cover my expenses including house sitting). Please email me( - and use the subject line 'Booking Dr Myhill's Travelling Workshop for Ecological Medicine' NOTE - this £250 covers the whole party for the whole day - so if 10 people come, that is £25 each for the whole day, if 16 people come that is about £16 each for the whole day.
    • Arrange for people to come – as many or as few as you like.
    • Send me details of venue and where I can park my campervan (not too far away from the venue!). Again, please email me.
    • I shall travel in a camper van (with dog and opportunity for walks) to an area and aim to conduct 3 workshops in a week on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

When to book me

  • I shall do my travelling workshops for one week every month, starting in January 2020
  • In those weeks, I will do the workshops on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday. [Normally!]
  • The dates will be determined on a first come first served basis like this:
    • Organisers get in touch with me directly via the email address above
    • When I have received a firm booking, I will block out that week to be my 'travelling workshop week' for that month
    • I will keep my bookings list as up to date as I can below


  • Please do contact the organiser for events which are NOT marked as FULLY BOOKED or PRIVATE
  • Where PRIVATE appears, this means that we do not have the permission [as yet] of the organiser to disclose their contact details.
  • TO BE ARRANGED / CONFIRMED - contact the organiser if interested
Date Day Venue Organiser (where organiser has given permission to disclose) Contact details (where organiser has given permission to disclose)
MARCH 2020
23rd March Monday Henley on Thames FULLY BOOKED FULLY BOOKED
25th March Wednesday - Oxford Mrs Cook
27th March Friday Bedminster, Bristol Gerri Rowe
APRIL 2020
1st April Wednesday Lampeter, Ceredigion Rachel Schroder NOW FULLY BOOKED NOW FULLY BOOKED
3rd April Friday Cardiff Stephanie Lashford NOW FULLY BOOKED
5th April Sunday Exeter Jane Roper
MAY 2020
4th May Monday Uttoxeter, Stafford Jennifer Latchford / Jennifer@uttoxeter-NOW FULLY BOOKED
6th May Wednesday Southport Darci Canavan FULLY BOOKED
30th May Saturday Swan Hotel, Hay Festival Sarah Myhill - 9.30 lecture and workshop 10.30 to 1pm

Morning and afternoon - Admission purchase:

JUNE 2020
22nd June Monday Hebden Bridge Rosie Blunn FULLY BOOKED
24th June Wednesday York Caroline Dearden FULLY BOOKED
26th June Friday Nottingham Kathryn White FULLY BOOKED
JULY 2020
14th July Tuesday Scotland FULLY BOOKED FULLY BOOKED
18th July Saturday I am in Scotland this weekend for famiy celebrations.
7th September Monday Falmouth Cornwall
9th September Wednesday Mid Devon PRIVATE PRIVATE
11th September Friday Devon PRIVATE PRIVATE
26th October Monday Stockport Dulcie Williams
28th October Wednesday Chorley PRIVATE PRIVATE
30th October Friday Stockport Ben Wickens FULLY BOOKED
7th November Saturday Eastbourne Claire Handley
9th November Monday Bexhill, Sussex Carole Coussens
11th November Wednesday London
13th November Friday London

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