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Preconception care

Both parents should put in place the The general approach to maintaining and restoring good health at least six months before considering a pregnancy to ensure the best quality eggs and sperm come together in as perfect an environment as possible. In addition screening tests to exclude sexually transmitted diseases should be considered.

Do any detox regimes before conceiving - if done during pregnancy one simply offloads the chemicals onto the baby. See Detoxification - an overview

Basic blood tests for rubella status and thyroid function before conception! Checking for rubella at 12 weeks pregnancy is a joke! The requirement for thyroid hormones increases during pregnancy so if you are taking thyroid hormones, blood levels should be checked in the first few weeks of pregnancy. See Thyroid profile: free T3, free T4 and TSH and Thyroid - the correct prescribing of thyroid hormones

During pregnancy

Continue all the above except detox regimes

Allergies are reduced by 50% in babies whose mothers take probiotics in the final week of pregnancy and during breast feeding. See Probiotics.

Breast feed

See La Leche League GB - a website offering mother-to-mother support with breastfeeding from pregnancy through to weaning


Children should be weaned onto a Stone Age Diet. More often I now prescribe the ketogenic diet - please see Ketogenic diet - the practical details and My book The PK Cookbook - Go Paleo-ketogenic and get the best of both worlds. Until recently the advice was to avoid peanut. However in Israel there is very little peanut allergy perhaps because babies are often given a rusk which contains peanut. It now seems that the baby's immune system gets programmed by that which it is exposed to during these early months of life - the idea being that what mother gives the baby (ie a Stone Age or PK Diet through breast milk and then weaning) represents safe foods.Also see Weaning babies to prevent allergies.

Cot death

Is the commonest cause of death in children and probably avoidable. See Cot death - what every parent needs to know

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