Useful aids for CFS and ME sufferers

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I sometimes hear from my patients or their carers about some useful gadgets or aids that make their lives much easier.

I am always grateful for any such recommendations and feel that the best way to make them known to as many people as possible is to list them here.

This is a start. If you are using an aid that you feel might benefit others, then please let me know (or contact Katie Twinn or Craig Robinson on my Facebook Groups - see below) and I, or they, will add the details to this page.

Ideas from my Facebook Group - 'Support for followers of Dr Myhill's protocol'

Sarah Toogood of the Facebook group collated all these wonderful 'Tips to save energy':

Tips to save energy

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Shopping trolley with seat

A patient has mentioned to me the idea of trolleys with seats. Here is a link Shopping Trolley with seat This is what she says:

"I can’t stand or walk long enough to get to the shops often enough so I looked to buy a stick seat ages ago but didn’t buy one because I felt too embarrassed to use a stick and didn’t want to carry one but I have just bought this trolley seat and it's brilliant. I haven’t been well enough to go out yet but the seat feels really safe, comfortable and easy to pull out and I won’t need to carry my shopping. I really love it and the service was excellent."

Easy pull garden tub

Great for taking out the rubbish and gardening. Much easier than a wheelbarrow, easier to pull and manoeuvre. Greenfingers Easy Pull Garden Tub and Barrow

Laptop bed desk

For those who want or need to use their laptop in bed or in a comfortable laying position. You do not have to be a CFS sufferer to enjoy this gadget!

Wayfair Laptop Tables

Aids to independent living

A range of useful aids to independent living can be found on the website of Mangar International Mangar - Simple solutions for independent living

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