Translocator protein studies

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Test Translocator protein studies
Price £111.00
Sample required blood
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ATP is made inside mitochondria, but is used outside mitochondria but still inside the cells. ATP therefore has to get across the mitochondrial membrane to deliver its energy. Once done ATP has been converted back to ADP and this needs to be recycled back through the mitochondrial membrane. What allows ATP and ADP to cross mitochondrial membranes is a dedicated carrier protein called translocator protein.

The ATP profile test (part of the mitochondrial package) looks at how efficiently TL proteins work. It is common in patients with CFS to find blockages. The TL protein studies looks at why TL protein may be malfunctioning. It could be because of blockage by chemicals (xenobiotic stress such as organochlorines, organophosphates), blockage because of poor antioxidants status (lipid peroxides), because of products of detox (glutathione conjugates), mineral deficiencies, high calcium, pH disturbances, switches into anaerobic metabolism or whatever. This provides important clues towards further management.


Blood sample - 2ml in a heparin bottle


The kit for this test includes a green top blood tube, packaging materials for transporting the blood samples in the post, an addressed envelope and a request form.


To complete the test: have the blood taken and put in the blood tube (see blood letting information), make sure that your name and date of birth are clearly marked on the tube.

Check that your details are correct on the request form.

Using the packaging material provided prepare the sample for posting to ACUMEN. Please, make sure that the request form is sent along with the samples.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the samples reaches the laboratory within 24 hours of it being taken (have the blood taken in the morning and post immediately).

Please also send me any diagnoses you may already have on the medical questionnaire I ask you to complete.