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Below are links to my presentation entitled Choice of Tests for the Investigation of Ill Health , which I delivered at the Burghwood Clinic in November 2009. Because it is a large file, I have broken it up into 7 parts. They need to be viewed as a whole.

My approach to almost any problem of chronic ill health is first to put in place the package of diet, nutritional and life style changes which address the problems of modern western living - The general approach to maintaining and restoring good health.

We then have the "bolt on extras" for particular problems. These may range from just not functioning at one's full potential to nasty killers like cancer and arterial disese. The following presentations are for the symptom of fatigue. Since this applies in a great many other pathologies, it will be relevant to many other disease processes.

For example, the ageing process is partly a symptom of mitochondrial failure. To function at your best for as long as possible you need to know about mitos!

Choice of Tests for the Investigation of Ill Health

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