Sexual dysfunction often has physical causes

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"Green Mother"

Please see Our Book Green Mother - families fit for the future for much more detail on this area.


For normal sexual function both the desire and the ability to perform are needed. The desire is a psychological problem and only too often I see patients for whom this is the only aspect which is tackled. For psychological problems I usually refer patients to Relate, tel: 0300 003 2234 or see their website RELATE

The ability to perform is equally important and needs

  • an intact nerve supply,
  • a good blood supply and
  • good energy levels.

Therefore, problems such as impotence, or failure to achieve orgasm in either males or females may be an early indication of either arteriosclerosis or nerve damage due to toxic stress (diabetes, heavy metals, pesticides, premature ageing, drugs - medicinal and recreational, alcohol etc) or "simply" fatigue.


Investigation of sexual dysfunction therefore aims to:

1. Identify psychological factors - is the desire there?

2. Look for arteriosclerosis and investigate accordingly. See Arteriosclerosis - what causes it and how to prevent it

3. Investigate as for peripheral neuropathy. See Peripheral neuropathy

4. Investigate as for CFS. See Overview of CFS/ME protocol

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