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I have tried all sorts to treat psoriasis and have not come up with a single formula for success. I suspect yeasts are a player and I would start with an anti-yeast regime - see Yeast problems and candida.Most importantly with psoriasis, don't use steroids. They will temporarily damp down the problem, but in the longer term the psoriasis will flare. Steroids also thin the skin and may cause long term soreness.

Psoriasis often runs in families and the first flare is often triggered by a viral infection or some stress - emotional, financial, work-based, cognitive, anything "out of the ordinary". It can present with many different types of rash and may need an expert to recognise it. There is some evidence to suggest that fish oil improves psoriasis - see Study on the use of omega-3 fatty acids as a therapeutic supplement in treatment of psoriasis


Several studies have shown that Mahonia aquifolium leads to a statistically significant improvement of symptoms in psoriasis and atopic dermatitis with minimal side effects.
  • Consider an anti-candida regime. See Yeast problems and candida
  • Next use the vitamin D based creams such as calcipotriol. These are available as scalp lotions and skin creams. Start off with the weaker creams and build up to stronger ones - persist with them! They work well and do not smell or stain.
  • The coal tar derivatives are undoubtedly effective, but they are hard work. They have to be applied with care to affected patches only because they can irritate normal skin. They do smell (although I confess to rather liking the smell!) and stain clothes. Use at night with a pair of tatty pyjamas. Again, start with a weak dose, use for a short time and wash off. One quickly learns the correct strength and timing for the best results. used with care and intelligence, they are highly effective and can induce long term remissions. My preferred cream is dithrocream.

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