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With any cancer prevention, there are general rules which apply to cancer prevention generally such as eating a healthy diet and ensuring good antioxidant status. See Cancer - the principles of prevention and treatment

But there are some additional aspects specific to prostate cancer, namely oestrone and oestradiol level control, a good alpha hydroxyoestrone ratio and zinc.

Hormone levels

It has long been thought that testosterone is the cause of prostate cancer. But this does not really make sense since it is the older man with declining levels of testosterone who gets prostate cancer. It appears to be abnormal metabolism of testosterone which is the cause of the problem. As men age, their metabolism goes awry and a disproportionate amount of testosterone is metabolised (by an enzyme aromatase) to oestrone and oestradiol - it is these female hormones which are the culprits in prostate cancer.

Therefore, it is important to monitor levels of not just testosterone but also oestrogens in men. If the oestrogens are raised, then the offending enzyme aromatase can be inhibited by Chrysin (a natural constituent of passion flower) - 4 capsules of 500mgs daily. See Chrysin from iherb

Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that, as with oestrogens and female cancers, there are "good" and "bad" oestrogens and the 2/16 alpha hydroxyoestrone ratio is also important. The ratio can be improved by eating cabbage and other brassicas - so keep chewing!

Zinc status is also important and zinc is protective against prostate cancer. The best source of zinc is meat.

Screening for prostate cancer

Most men, understandably, recoil at the prospect of rectal examination to detect prostate cancer. Actually, it is not a very helpful test. Much better is a blood test for Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). The PSA is proportionate to the size of the prostate gland, so if raised, this would increase the likelihood of a cancer being present. In this event, evaluation by a urologist is essential. The ratio between the free and bound antigen is said to be the best indication of a prostate cancer.

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