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Please see My YouTubes for a full list of my YouTubes.


I am often asked to do interviews for various podcasts and I try to keep a list of these as below.

This list is by no means exhaustive - if you do find podcasts where I am interviewed, and which do not appear below, then please do Contact my Office and let us know.

These podcasts are not presented in any specific order, but are listed by:

  • Title of podcast
  • Additional Note on content of podcast - please do click on the links to see a more detailed contents list
  • Podcast provider
  • Length of podcast
  • Date of podcast
  • Link to podcast


I am aware that many severe PWME find it very difficult to access information about how to treat their illness. They are too brain fogged to read, too light sensitive, or again too brain fogged to listen to YouTubes, but some can listen to audiobooks and podcasts, and so here lies part of my motivation for these podcasts - to reach the severely affected within the ME Community.

In addition, there is an AUDIO VERSION of my book The Energy Equation. Please see the link below for full details:

Other resources that I have produced for the CFS/ME Community are:

The number #1 step for treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome and ME

  • Additional Note on content of podcast - also includes discussion of the fight against the PACE authors, and the Acumen Mitochondrial Test
  • Podcast provider - Spoonie Radio - Dr. Courtney Craig
  • Length of podcast - 38 minutes
  • Date of podcast - December 2019
  • Link to podcast - https://spoonieradio.libsyn.com/ep-18-dr-sarah-myhill

What I learned from Dr Sarah Myhill

  • Additional Note on content of podcast - keto diet, thyroid, chronic fatigue and SIBO / upper fermenting gut
  • Podcast provider - Lean Queen Living - Whitney Owen
  • Length of podcast - 36 minutes
  • Date of podcast - July 2023
  • Link to podcast - https://open.spotify.com/episode/3tjbwmhYlL8QNv6eTaAOok

Prescribing a Paleo Ketogenic Diet

  • Additional Note on content of podcast - tags include - Carnivore, Diabetes, Diet, Fasting, Food, Health, Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Ketogenic Diet, LCHF, Lifestyle, Low Carb, Nutrition, Podcasts, Real Food, Well Being
  • Podcast provider - Fabulously Keto - Jackie Fletcher
  • Length of podcast - 1 hour 17 minutes
  • Date of podcast - July 2021
  • Link to podcast - https://fabulouslyketo.com/podcast/043/

The Ultimate Guide To Beating Chronic Fatigue With Specific Vitamins, Minerals, Biohacks & More

Paleo-ketogenic - How and Why

  • Additional Note on content of podcast - includes material on the failure of modern medical education and the role of mitochondria in health and disease, as well as the paleo-ketogenic diet
  • Podcast provider - Tony Winyward
  • Length of podcast - 48 minutes
  • Date of podcast - January 2022
  • Link to podcast - https://tonywinyard.com/dr-sarah-myhill/

Ecological Medicine - the optimum guide to overcoming any health condition

How to treat CFS/ME

  • Additional Note on content of podcast - the car analogy for the treatment of CFS/ME. the PACE trial, and the importance of mitochondria
  • Podcast provider - ME Association - "The ME Show"
  • Length of podcast - 33 minutes
  • Date of podcast - January 2019
  • Link to podcast - https://meassociation.org.uk/themeshow/

One of the Worst Treated Conditions in Western Medicine, Parts 1 and 2

  • Additional Note on content of podcast - ME as worst treated illness in Western Medicine, and how to actually treat ME, not with GET, CBT, but with the PK diet, mitochondrial support package, and much more!
  • Podcast provider - Intelligent Medicine - Dr Ronald Hoffman
  • Length of podcast - Part 1- 24 minutes ; Part 2 - 31 minutes
  • Date of podcast - December 2020
  • Link to podcast - https://drhoffman.com/podcast_category/dr-sarah-myhill/

Gut health in chronic fatigue syndrome

Prevention & Recovery from Long Covid

The Underactive Thyroid

Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Naturopathic Approach

Treating ME/CFS & Long Covid

Methylene Blue - "Out of the Blue" - your options for cancer

Diagnosis And Treatment Of CFS, ME And Long Covid With Dr Sarah Myhill

A patient cured is real medicine

  • Additional Note on content of podcast - "She shares her wealth of knowledge, from 'food is medicine' and the foundation of wellbeing and dives into the magical mitochondria, ATP (our currency of energy), oxygen and the importance of breathing. Dr Myhill touches upon homocysteine and methylation, which we all love to hear about again at the School. She shares her journey as to why she went into more nutritional/functional medicine and even shares the story of her 102-year-old friend who is eating the paleo-keto way and is fully 'switched on'."
  • Podcast provider - Dr Khush Mark PhD and Debbie Fisher
  • Length of podcast - 50 minutes
  • Date of podcast - June 2024
  • Link to podcast - https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/nsonm/episodes/Dr-Sarah-Myhill---a-patient-cured-is-real-medicine-e2kkv3u

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