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Why this page?

I have conducted an ongoing patient feedback audit for a number of years.

Following an inspection by the Health Inspector, Wales, early in 2020, it was recommended that I set up a Public Page where anonymous details of these patient feedback comments could be displayed.

On a random basis, I send out 10 patient feedback forms by Royal Mail twice a year, and patients return these [also by snail mail], and can leave their forms anonymous if they so wish.

The results are used internally to improve my practice where needed, and to consolidate those areas where good feedback is received.

Below you can see these anonymised feedback comments.

Feedback comments

On Environment

  • ‘It is spotless’
  • When asked if it is clutter free ‘Absolutely’

On staff

  • ‘Highly knowledgeable staff’
  • ‘Dr Myhill’s staff are always attentive to patient needs’

On the website and online shop

  • ‘The website is an amazing free resource’
  • ‘Her website is comprehensive, easy to navigate, full of information that helps everyone’
  • ‘Excellent stock’

On Dr Myhill herself

  • ‘Dr Myhill is a wealth of knowledge in her chosen profession, she relays and shares this in many ways, one of which is her website which I use as a reference library.’
  • ‘Dr Myhill is someone who very obviously cares about patients and always tries to find new ways to help. Improvements: consultation notes are sometimes a little sketchy.'
  • ‘Amazing doctor, knowledgeable and polite staff’
  • ‘She is without doubt an exceptional doctor and certainly the best I have ever seen.’

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