Pancreatitis - often a forgotten diagnosis

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Updated July 2016

Classically the pain of pancreatitis is felt centrally in the abdomen and radiates through to the back. Inflammation causes release of enzymes which can be measured and are a reliable test for pancreatic inflammation. See tests: amylase and stool elastase (links at bottom of page).

Pancreatitis has risk factors such as gall stones and alcohol. However it is also a disease caused by free radicals which is very effectively treated with antioxidants. In addition to my standard recommendations for nutritional supplements (Nutritional Supplements - what everybody should be taking all the time even if nothing is wrong), anyone with pancreatitis should be tested for glutathione peroxidase, SODase and Co-Q10.

Pancreatic function is very difficult to test for because the pancreas is hard to get at. A Comprehensive digestive stool analysis gives an idea of pancreatic enzyme function.

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