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I believe that if you wish to stay healthy, or recover from almost any illness, then taking nutritional supplements is essential. My reasons are given in Nutritional supplements - why we all need them. I call this my Basic Package - you can read much more about this in my book My book Ecological Medicine - The Antidote to Big Pharma and Fast Foods. Please see - My Online Sales Website - My Books to buy this book, and others too!

You can buy the Basic Package "in one go" here - The Basic Package or you can buy the individual constituent parts as below.

I believe we should all take the following daily:



    • Vitamin A - 2,000 i.u (600mcg)
    • Vitamin D3 - 400iu (10 mcg)
    • Vitamin E 30i.u. (20mg alpha tocopherol equivalent)
    • Vitamin C (as magnesium ascorbate) 200 mg
    • Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - 25mg
    • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - 25mg
    • Vitamin B3 (niacin) - 25mg, from soya
    • Vitamin B6 - 25mg
    • Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) - 25mg
    • Folate - 100mcg (Methylfolate)
    • Vitamin B12 - 50mcg, (Methyl B12)
    • Biotin - 35 mcg
    • Pantothenic Acid (B5) - 25mg
    • Magnesium - 20mg
    • Zinc - 10mg
    • Manganese - 0.3mg
    • Selenium - (50mcg)
    • Chromium - (50mcg)
    • Molybdenum (100mcg)
    • Iodine (50mcg)
    • Choline - 10mg
    • Inositol - 10mg
    • PABA - 10mg

Vegetarian capsule shell - Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Essential fatty acids - ideally these omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids should be taken in the ratio 4:1. This ratio is present in HEMP OIL and Veg EPA. So, take a tablespoonful daily of Hemp Oil daily - Hemp Oil OR take VegEPA 2-4 capsules daily - VegEPA capsules

Throughout the day I

  • Vitamin C such as ascorbic acid 5 grams. Add to a litre of water so you drink little and often through the day. See Ascorbic Acid powder

Throughout the day II

Use Sunshine Salt (SS) OR Drink Multi Mineral Mix (MMM) - both are physiological.
See -

Sunshine Salt -

I now supply Sunshine Salt. Please see Sunshine Salt Sunshine Salt can be used instead of Multi Mineral Mix [MMM] and can be used instead of salt for cooking and on the table. Sunshine salt contains the top twelve essential minerals, vital for good health but lacking in modern Western diets. Adults should consume one rounded teaspoonful daily, less for children according to weight. Please also see My book - Paleo-Ketogenic: The Why and The How for more detail on Sunshine Salt.

Per FIVE grams of SS

  • Maldon Sea salt 4 grams - largely comprised of sodium chloride
  • Calcium 60 mg - lower than the RDA (recommended daily amount) but the sunshine vitamin D enhances calcium absorption and its deposition in bone
  • Magnesium 60 mg - lower than the RDA but the sunshine vitamin D enhances magnesium absorption and its deposition in bone
  • Potassium 40 mg - lower than the RDA so eat plenty of vegetables. Potassium cannot be stored in the body so you need to consume vegetables daily
  • Zinc chloride 30 mg - we should all be taking 30mgs of zinc daily. This is a common deficiency in Westerners
  • Iron 15 mg - in the form of ferric ammonium chloride. Haemoglobin which allows red blood cells to carry oxygen. Lack of iron causes anaemia
  • Boron 2 mg - essential for normal calcium and magnesium metabolism. Protective against arthritis
  • Iodine 1 mg - deficiency of iodine extremely common (estimated at over 90% of Westerners) since iodised salt went out of fashion
  • Manganese 1 mg - essential for manganese SODase - the most important anti-oxidant within mitochondria
  • Copper 1 mg - Essential for zinc/copper SODase - a vital anti-oxidant within and without all cells. Copper makes for tough connective tissue
  • Molybdenum 200 mcgm - essential for the detox enzyme sulphite oxidase
  • Selenium 200 mcgm - highly protective against cancer and heart disease. Essential for glutathione peroxidase - a vital antioxidant
  • Chromium 200 mcgm - insulin cannot function without chromium
  • Vitamin D3 5,000 iu - no toxicity has ever been seen in doses up to 10,000 iu daily. Vitamin D3 greatly enhances the absorption of calcium and magnesium and ensures its deposition in bone. It is protective against heart disease, cancer and dementia. Vitamin D is heat stable and survives cooking remarkably well. Source: sheep's wool
  • Vitamin B12 5,000 mcgm (as methylcobalamin) - B12 has no toxicity. It is poorly absorbed so high doses essential. Again is heat stable and survives normal cooking temperatures

Multi Mineral Mix -

This is a mix of minerals which you make up in water or fruit juice, all essential for human metabolism and increasingly lacking in modern food supplies. It contains minerals in the correct proportion for human requirements. The amounts given below are elemental weights of the pure mineral. These amounts are those considered desirable from modern nutrition research and are mostly above the "Recommended Daily Amount" (RDA). These RDA amounts were set down in 1941 and are now outdated. If better preparations come available or I learn more about essential minerals, then the composition of MMM may change. The new formulation of MMM contains B12 1mg per gram and vitamin D 1,000iu per gram.

Per ONE gram of MMM

  • Calcium (as calcium chloride) — 60 mgs
  • Magnesium (as magnesium chloride) — 70 mgs
  • Potassium (as potassium chloride) — 40 mgs
  • Zinc (as zinc chloride) — 6 mgs
  • Iron (as ferric ammonium chloride) — 3 mgs
  • Boron (as sodium borate) — 2 mgs
  • Iodine (as potassium iodate) — 0.3 mg
  • Copper (as copper sulphate) — 0.2 mg
  • Manganese (as manganese chloride) — 0.2 mgs
  • Molybdenum (as sodium molybdate) — 40 mcg
  • Selenium (as sodium selenate) — 40 mcg
  • Chromium (as chromium chloride) 40 mcg
  • Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) — 1,000 mcg
  • Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) — 1,000iu

Dosage of MMM
The daily dose of MMM is one gram (one blue scoop) per two stone of body weight (12.5 kg) to a maximum of 5 grams (five scoops) per day. The daily dose should be dissolved in cold water - half a pint of water per 1 g of the mix (the maximum dose made up in 3 pints of water) and taken throughout the day. Start off with just half a pint of mix daily and build up slowly to allow your stomach to adjust to the changes; otherwise it may cause nausea and loose bowel movements. You can use with ascorbic acid to optimise absorption With fresh lemon juice this is palatable. It also makes one drink water; this is something many people forget to do! MMM is suitable for all age groups including babies and pregnant women. The dose is not critical as there is a very wide margin of safety for all essential minerals!

The above dosing assumes one gets nothing from diet. As diet and gut function improves the dose may be reduced. Most people end up taking 2-3 grams a day for maintenance.

The mix is 100% active ingredients with no additives, colourings, flavourings or any such excipients. The formula is completely stable and will last for many years. Keep the lid tightly screwed on to the jar; otherwise moisture from the air may be absorbed and the minerals change colour. This does not matter, but the contents may go hard or discolour slightly!

MMM is supplied in 405 g pots - sufficient for 80 days for someone of 9 stone or more.

What appears to be very helpful where there are gut problems such as a fermenting gut, or when you just find the taste too awful are transdermal MMM which are applied by spraying once a day onto clean unperfumed skin. I have also tried MMM as a cream rubbed onto the skin. This is very easy to do - see Minerals and vitamins in creams. Simply take your daily dose, mix it with a cream and apply after your daily wash.


Sunshine is necessary to make vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is extremely common and partly responsible for our epidemics of immune disorders (allergy and autoimmunity), osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease. Vitamin D is extremely safe and I now include it in the MMM at the rate of 1,000iu per gram. So the maximum daily dose of 5 grams MMM gives 5,000iu of vitamin D3. Sunshine is the best way to increase vitamin D levels. Thirty minutes of good sunshine on skin exposed by swimming costumes will give us about 5,000iu of D3. It is impossible to get adequate vitamin D from sunshine in UK, hence the need to supplement.


If you are not eating processed foods, then you will need some salt. Use sea salt, which also contains very rare trace elements which are also likely to be essential for normal metabolism. I suggest 1/4 tsp daily on food. If you are using Sunshine Salt, then you will be getting the necessary in any case and so don't need to add in any more sea salt.

Use the amounts of nutrients in the above preparations as a guide in putting together your own nutritional regime based on good quality multivitamin and multimineral preparations, essential fatty acids and vitamins C and D available to you.

Pregnant Women and Children

This supplement regime is safe, indeed desirable, for pregnant women. Children under the age of 12 should halve doses of supplements and take a 'children's multivitamin' such as Biocare Children's Complete Multinutrient.

Compliance with the law

The law of the land is that nutritional supplements are not necessary for anyone eating a balanced diet. Of course this begs the question as to what is a balanced diet? By definition a balanced diet is one that supplies all the necessary macro and micronutrients in adequate amounts for optimum health. The problem is that Western diets do not deliver and so by definition are not balanced. Indeed during 30 years of nutritional practice I have yet to see normal levels of micronutrients in a healthy person eating a Western diet! That is why I came to the view that the above approach is necessary.

All the above nutritional supplements are available to buy through my online shop Sales at Dr Myhill.

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