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Natural Health Worldwide


I set up and funded the development of Natural Health Worldwide ("NHW") to be a patient resource.

The motivation for this was that I was unable to help all the patients that wanted to consult with me due to sheer time constraints and so the idea for a Practitioner Portal came to mind.

The NHW website can be found here -

Natural Health Worldwide Website

There are lists of Medicial Doctors ["MDs"], Qualified Health Practitioners["QHPs"] and Experienced Patients ["EPs"], as well as links to testing laboratories and mobile phlebotomists.

I receive no income from this site at all, and have no commercial relationships with the practitioners [whether they be MDs, QHPs or EPs], or with the testing laboratories or phlebotomists.

I pay for the ongoing software and internet costs of the site.

There is no charge for practitioners, laboratories or phlebotmoists to be listed on the site at all - see below for how to register if you are a practitioner, laboratory or phlebotomist.

How it Works

You can read more here -

Natural Health Worldwide "How it Works"

But in essence

  • A prospective patient looks at the various lists of Medical Doctors, Qualified Health Practitioners and Experienced Patients and decides on any that may be able to help with their health issues.
  • The patient then contacts the practitioner(s) via the contact details on the site and makes whatever arrangements they want to - many practitioners offer FREE 15 minute introductory appointments so that patient and practitioner can both assess things
  • Patient and practitioner take it from there.

There is no legal contract between NHW and the patient, nor between NHW and the practitioner. See Natural Health Worldwide "Terms of Service"

Medical Doctors [MDs]

Currently 12 MDs are registered on the site.

You can see the list of Medical Doctors on the site here -

Natural Health Worldwide "Medical Doctors"

I am included on this list but presently I can only consult with existing patients.

Qualified Health Practitioners [QHPs]

Currently 83 QHPs are registered on the site.

You can see the list of Qualified Health Practitioners on the site here -

Natural Health Worldwide "Qualified Health Practitioners"

Experienced Patients [EPs]

Currently 24 EPs are registered on the site.

Experienced Patients are not medically trained or otherwise professionally qualified in health-related disciplines. They only share information on their own experiences and provide moral support. Patients should not construe anything which an Experienced Patient says or writes as advice, medical or otherwise. Many EPs make no, or little, charge for their services.

You can see the list of Experienced Patients on the site here -

Natural Health Worldwide "Experienced Patients"

Testing Laboratories

Currently 17 Testing Laboratories are registered on the site.

You can see the list of Testing Laboratories on the site here -

Natural Health Worldwide "Testing Laboratories"

Many of these testing laboratories require no practitioner referrals.

Mobile Phlebotomists

Currently in excess of 100 Mobile Phlebotomists are registered on the site.

You can see the list of Mobile Phlebotomists on the site here -

Natural Health Worldwide "Mobile Phlebotomists"

Referrals to Me and / or for Micro-immunotherapy

If you are a patient of an NHW registered practitioner then you can

  • be referred to me by your NHW practitioner
  • be referred for Micro-immunotherapy where you and your NHW practitioner consider that this is an appropriate treatment option

Details of how this works can be seen here -

Natural Health Worldwide "Referral System"

See also Reprogram the immune system with micro-immunotherapy for more detail on this therapy

Do you want to register yourself on Natural Health Worldwide?

  • If you are an MD, QHP or EP, and wish to be listed on Natural Health Worldwide, the process is entirely free and takes around 2 minutes. Please click on the link below:

Natural Health Worldwide - Register as an MD, QHP or EP

  • If you are a testing laboratory or mobile phlebotomist and wish to be listed on Natural Health Worldwide, completely free of charge, please message the NHW Team, using the Contact Form as linked below:

Natural Health Worldwide "Contact Us Form"

The NHW Team

Software services are provided by

Katie Twinn and Craig Robinson, who also admin my Facebook group and other social media platforms [see My Social Media Platforms], answer queries received via the "Register" and "Contact Us" forms, and also deal with NHW's software provider directly.

Summary of all the links

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