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  • My book "Ecological Medicine - The Antidote to Big Pharma and Fast Foods" IS NOW AVAILABLE FROM MY ONLINE SHOP - SEE My Books

(Co-authored with Craig Robinson)

"Ecological Medicine - The Antidote to Big Pharma and Fast Food" book cover

Official Publication Date

The official publication date is 21 July 2020 but my new book is available from my Book Store NOW!. The publisher has set the RRP (recommended retail price) at £35 but you may be able to find discounts from various booksellers. I am selling the book for £29.99 including p&p for UK delivery - see the links as above and below.

Look inside the book!

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What is this book about?

This is my most extensive book - 496 pages in total, double columns on each page.

This book gives readers the ‘Rules of the Game’ and the ‘Tools of the Trade’ to both prevent illness and, where it arises, treat all disease, especially those driven by modern Western lifestyles.

The ‘Rules’ and ‘Tools’ will also enable the ‘well’ to achieve optimal wellness. The objective of this book is to empower readers to maximise both the quantity and quality of their lives.

This is achieved through a logical path, an ‘eco-logical’ path, using an evidence-based approach, taking the reader from their symptoms, which are clues, through to the mechanisms of disease and finally to sustainable treatments.

It is all about finding the WHY of disease in order to determine the HOWs to treat. Knowing the WHY gives the intellectual imperative to drive through with the sometimes difficult HOWs.

These treatments are all sustainable in that they reverse disease processes, rather than escalate them, as modern Western prescription medicine does, and also in that they are easily accessible to all – diet, supplements and so on.

This book is a distillation of four decades of my academic studies and clinical experience, working both in the British NHS, and as an Independent Medical Practitioner. The roadmap to recovery is clearly laid out, and this is illustrated from the perspective of a range of diseases, from cancer to cardiology, to neurology and nephrology. These ‘ologies are further illustrated by real life Case Histories that have shaped my practice and continue to do so.

Comment by Co-author, Craig Robinson, – ‘This is Sarah’s Principia’

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Book dedications

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My Ecological Medicine Workshops

I now run Ecological Medicine Workshops where I go through the contents of this book and show how it can be applied to the individual circumstances of the workshop participants.

Originally, these workshops were conducted in person at village halls, individual's houses and so on, but for the time being, and whilst social distancing rules still apply during the Corona Virus Pandemic, I am doing these via Zoom.

  • There is a Facebook Group where you can discuss workshop queries with like-minded people, and also de-brief after having attended a workshop. Please see here - Dr Myhill's Travelling Workshops Facebook Group No 'Page' requests please - only individual profiles.

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Chapter List

Here is a chapter list:


  • Chapter 1 The inquisitive doctor
  • Chapter 2 The roadmap from symptoms to mechanisms to diagnosis and treatment
  • Chapter 3 Stumbling and fumbling my way to the right questions


  • Chapter 4 Symptoms – our vital early warning system
  • Chapter 5 Fatigue: tired all the time
  • Chapter 6 Pain
  • Chapter 7 Inflammation symptoms
  • Chapter 8 Poisoning and deficiency clinical pictures
  • Chapter 9 Hormonal clinical pictures


  • Chapter 10 Diagnosis starts with detective work
  • Chapter 11 Fatigue mechanisms: the fuel in the tank
  • Chapter 12 Fatigue mechanisms: the engine and fuel delivery
  • Chapter 13 Fatigue mechanisms: the accelerator and gearbox
  • Chapter 14 Mechanisms: sleep
  • Chapter 15 Poisonings and how to detoxify
  • Chapter 16 Inflammation mechanisms
  • Chapter 17 Mechanical damage, friction and degenerative disease
  • Chapter 18 Mechanisms of growth promotion: benign, malignant and prion disorders
  • Chapter 19 Genetics and epigenetics


  • Chapter 20 Start with Groundhog Basic
  • Chapter 21 The paleo-ketogenic (PK) diet
  • Chapter 22 Sleep – common reasons for poor sleep and how to fix them
  • Chapter 23 Exercise – the right sort to afford overall gains
  • Chapter 24 Sunshine and light
  • Chapter 25 Reduce the toxic chemical burden
  • Chapter 26 To love and to be loved
  • Chapter 27 Acute infection is inevitable
  • Chapter 28 Diet, detox and die-off reactions


  • Chapter 29 Bolt-on-extra tools of the trade
  • Chapter 30 Tools to improve energy delivery
  • Chapter 31 Tools: vitamin C
  • Chapter 32 Tools: iodine
  • Chapter 33 Tools: vitamin B12
  • Chapter 34 Tools for detoxing
  • Chapter 35 Tools for healing and repair
  • Chapter 36 Tools to switch off chronic inflammation
  • Chapter 37 Tools to reduce benign and malignant growths


  • Chapter 38 How to slow the ageing process and live to one’s full potential
  • Chapter 39 Infectious disease
  • Chapter 40 Ophthalmology (eyes)
  • Chapter 41 Endocrinology (hormones)
  • Chapter 42 Cardiology and vascular medicine (heart, arteries and veins)
  • Chapter 43 Respiratory medicine and ENT
  • Chapter 44 Gastroenterology (the gut)
  • Chapter 45 Dentists and their tools
  • Chapter 46 Nephrology and urology (kidneys and urinary tract)
  • Chapter 47 Rheumatology and orthopaedics (muscles, bones and joints)
  • Chapter 48 Dermatology (skin)
  • Chapter 49 Neurology (the nervous system)
  • Chapter 50 Psychiatry
  • Chapter 51 Immunology (allergy and autoimmunity)
  • Chapter 52 New killers of the 21st Century
  • Chapter 53 Oncology (cancer)
  • Chapter 54 Women’s health
  • Chapter 55 Preconception, pregnancy and paleo breast-feeding
  • Chapter 56 Paediatrics (children’s health)
  • Chapter 57 Haematology (blood issues)
  • Chapter 58 Prescription drugs


  • Chapter 59 How to slow the ageing process and live to one’s full potential
  • Chapter 60 How to fight infectious diseases
  • Chapter 61 Ophthalmology/eye problems
  • Chapter 62 Endocrinology/hormone problems
  • Chapter 63 Cardiology/heart problems
  • Chapter 64 Gastroenterology/gut problems
  • Chapter 65 Dentistry – its hidden problems (with thanks to Dr Shideh Pouria)
  • Chapter 66 Respiratory problems
  • Chapter 67 Nephrology/kidney and urinary tract problems
  • Chapter 68 Rheumatology/bone and joint problems
  • Chapter 69 Dermatology/skin problems
  • Chapter 70 Neurology/nervous system problems
  • Chapter 71 Psychiatric/mental health problems
  • Chapter 72 Immunology and allergy problems
  • Chapter 73 Spotting the new killers
  • Chapter 74 Oncology/cancer
  • Chapter 75 Women’s health
  • Chapter 76 Conception and after
  • Chapter 77 Paediatrics/problems in childhood
  • Chapter 78 Haematology/blood problems
  • Chapter 79 Current cases – worked examples


  • Appendix 1 Groundhog Basic
  • Appendix 2 Groundhog Acute
  • Appendix 3 Groundhog Chronic
  • Appendix 4 Commonly used blood tests and what they mean
  • Appendix 5 Chronic inflammation
  • Appendix 6 Useful Resources

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