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"Prevent and Cure Diabetes - delicious diets not dangerous drugs" is now available from my shop

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What is this book about?

"Prevent and Cure Diabetes - delicious diets not dangerous drugs" book cover

We are probably all aware that countries with the Western lifestyle and the standard Western diet are facing an epidemic of type 2 diabetes. Already in 2010, more than one million people in the UK were thought to have undiagnosed type 2 diabetes, double the previous estimate, and as long ago as 2008 between 20% and 30% of the adult population could be characterised as having the ‘metabolic syndrome’ – the forerunner to diabetes.
The tragedy is that most people with these conditions regard them as inevitable evils and agree to take the medicine – or inject the insulin – when the time comes. BUT it need not be that way.

All medical therapies should start with diet. Modern Western diets are driving our modern epidemics of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and dementia; this process is called metabolic syndrome. In this book I explain in detail why and how we have arrived at a situation where the real weapons of mass destruction can be found in our kitchens. Importantly, the book describes the vital steps every one of us can make to reverse the situation so that life can be lived to its full potential.

Find out:

  • What metabolic syndrome is, why Westerners are all on the way to getting it, and how to avoid it;
  • What the risk factors are for developing diabetes and how to minimise these;
  • How to reverse diabetes type 2;
  • How to control blood sugar with minimal use of insulin in diabetes type 1;
  • How to balance your blood sugar levels and monitor your progress.

Contents of Book

My book includes discussion of the following:

  • Sugar – our non-essential and dangerous fuel
  • How sugar damages the body
  • Diagnosis of diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • How the body normally controls levels of sugar in the bloodstream
  • Prevention, treatment and reversal of metabolic syndrome and diabetes
  • Why it is essential to reverse metabolic syndrome and diabetes

There are Appendices on:

  • Essential recipes
  • Why fats are so important to us
  • Good fats and bad fats
  • The fermenting mouth
  • The fermenting gut
  • The fermenting skin
  • Toxic causes of insulin resistance

and much more besides.....

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"Prevent and Cure Diabetes - delicious diets not dangerous drugs" is now available from my shop:

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Some Reviews of my book

  • Dr Damien Downing MB BS, MRSB President, British Society of Ecological Medicine

This book could save the NHS! One person in four (and rising) has metabolic syndrome in this country. It leads to the epidemics of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and cancer that are drowning our health services. Fix it and you could save the NHS from drowning. This book shows us how. In 1958, Dr Richard Mackarness wrote a book called "Eat Fat and Grow Slim", which pretty much did what it said on the cover. So more than half a century ago someone figured this out and offered a solution; but then what happened? We as a species spent half a century believing that fats are bad for us and so avoiding them, and all the time getting fatter, sicker, dumber and often deader. Now that whole mythology is falling apart, and with the help of books like this we can re-learn what we were somehow fooled into forgetting - how to get and stay well, fit and strong with practical nutrition. Dr Sarah Myhill provides a clear, and often entertaining, explanation of how sugar poisons us, how we become addicts, and how to get out of this ‘jail’ free. She owns up to having been a sugar-junkie herself (although I must say she hides her addiction well – unless it is to that insane horse-riding stuff she does). So if she says ‘It may be hard, but you can do it’, you know you can believe her. You don’t need to have diabetes, or even metabolic syndrome, to benefit from this book; it offers a solution to nearly every disease you are likely to encounter in this century and this society. If GPs gave this out to their patients first, before prescribing drugs, we might indeed save the NHS.

  • Bryan Hubbard, Editor, "What Doctors Don't Tell You"

Dr Sarah Myhill is a medical pioneer and an explorer, a brave open-minded healer who seeks out that which works and makes people better. Her thousands of patients who have seen the irreversible being reversed under her care are testament to that. In this revelatory book, she turns her attention to the lifestyle disease of our time, and demonstrates that it is very preventable and treatable without drugs. It is a book that demands to be on the shelves of any intelligent enquiring person.

  • Nina Lawrence, Consultant Psychiatrist

This practical, evidence-based book reviewing mechanisms leading to diabetes, challenges current mainstream thinking about the impact of the modern Western diet on our health. Dr Myhill’s passion, curiosity and conclusions are both compelling and motivating. As both a doctor and a patient, I am only too aware that empowering people is the key to optimum health. I can’t wait to start making changes to my own diet.

  • Nigel Williams BSc MSc CMath MIMA MCMI FRSA, Headmaster

Dr Sarah Myhill's latest book, "Prevent and Cure Diabetes", is another masterpiece and the reader can soon see why Sarah has such a stellar reputation amongst her many thousands of grateful patients. In Britain, medical progress is skewed by Big Pharma's need to make a profit. An oppressed medical profession often defaults to orthodoxy, custom and practice, established dogma and N.I.C.E. Guidelines - it protects them in an age of complaint and litigation. Research and the essential challenge to dogma and the establishment are sadly, often met with sneering, dismissal or personal attack rather than scientific debate which would either confirm or constructively refine new ideas. If we fear to challenge, we never improve; we never progress. Sarah Myhill has the courage and the expansive mind to think the unthinkable from which all progress is made. She lives in the scientific world of ‘EDPIE’:

                    Evaluate - Diagnose - Plan - Implement - Evaluate again.

Crucially, this is a permanently recurring process for her in all her books, where her humility and public gratitude to her sources mask her stunning and major contribution and collation of the overall product. Interestingly, many of her earlier ideas, derided at the time, have since slipped, unappreciated, into mainstream acceptance... This book helps the professional and lay person alike. It gives clear guidance on how both to treat and to prevent disease with tools available to us all. The eloquence makes it hard to put down - a real ‘page-turner’. When could we last say that of a medical book?

  • Ken Maggs, retired teacher

I am a patient of Dr Myhill’s. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2010 since when I have been following her advice as detailed in this book. Annual blood tests have been perfect. I am taking no prescription medication, only nutritional supplements. I am as fit, well and mentally sharp in my 80s as I have ever been and much looking forward to the next 20 years.

Review of "Prevent and Cure Diabetes" in The Best You magazine

Please see Review of "Prevent and Cure Diabetes" in The Best You magazine for this review.

Stylistic note

Use of the first person singular in this book refers to me, Dr Sarah Myhill. One can assume that the medicine and biochemistry are mine, as edited by Craig Robinson, and that the classical and mathematical references are Craig’s.