Minerals and vitamins delivered through the skin

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Vitamins and minerals have traditionally been given by mouth in the form of pills or powders. However, there is no doubt that some people are made worse by this. There are several possible explanations for this but the two most likely will be allergy and the fermenting gut (instead of a digesting one). Bacteria and yeast are as hungry for trace elements and vitamins as we are and will gratefully accept such a free lunch, multiply up their numbers and ferment even harder! When foods are fermented instead of being digested, this can produce all sorts of noxious products such as alcohol, D-lactate, hydrogen sulphide and probably others, all of which overload the liver detox system and have the potential to inhibit mitochondria and cause foggy brain symptoms. See Fermentation in the gut and CFS.

Minerals and vitamins delivered through the skin

One way to get round this potential problem with supplements by mouth is to take these supplements through the skin. Of course, this makes perfect sense – the skin is permeable, spa therapies have been of proven benefit over thousands of years and, indeed, many drugs are delivered as patches through the skin. So there is no reason why supplements should not be equally well absorbed.

Epsom salts in the bath

Indeed, a study done by Rosemary Waring at Birmingham showed that Epsom salts in the bath was a very efficient way of raising levels of magnesium in the blood. She did trials with people looking at the absorption of Epsom salts in bath water. A 15 minute bath at 40ºC with a 1% solution of Epsom Salts caused significant rises in plasma magnesium and sulphate levels together with an increase in magnesium excretion in the urine. To achieve a 1% solution, a standard UK bath of 15 gallons requires 600grams, (just over a 1lb) of Epson Salts. The water should feel slightly soapy. In this experiment there were no adverse effects, indeed 2 of the volunteers who were over 60 years of age commented without prompting that their rheumatic pains had disappeared. See Absorption of magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) across the skin, 2004, Epsom Salt Council.

Epsom salts in the bath not only improve absorption of magnesium, but they are also a useful way of detoxing persistent organic pollutants back through the skin again. Do not be afraid to use soap which breaks down the lipid barrier of the skin and should improve movement of magnesium in and chemicals out.

Transdermal (TD) minerals

A unique mix of minerals in an organic carrier to ensure excellent absorption through skin. One spray shot delivers 0.2ml of TM containing the following elemental weights of mineral: Magnesium 14mgs, Zinc 1.2 mgs, Iron 600mcgs, Boron 120mcgms Iodine 60mcgms Copper 40mcgms Manganese 40mcgms Molybdenum 8 mcg Selenium 8 mcg Chromium 8mcg Vitamin B12 200 mcg and Vitamin D 200iu. The daily dose is 10 spray shots per 4 stone (25kg) of body weight, up to a maximum of 25 spray shots daily, enough for a 10 stone (or 64 kg) person. To be sprayed all over the body after a daily shower or bath. Allow to dry for a few minutes, if necessary rubbing into the skin gently. TM must be applied to clean skin, free from chemicals including perfumes and cosmetics.

Weight Daily Dose
2 stone (13kg) 5 spray shots once daily
4 stone (25kg) 10 spray shots
6 stone (38kg) 15 spray shots
8 stone (51kg) 20 spray shots
10 stone (64kg) 25 spray shots

MAXIMUM DAILY DOSE More than 10 stone (64kg) - 25 spray shots.

Transdermal (TD) magnesium

Contains one gram of magnesium chloride per ml (100mgs of elemental magnesium). To be used in any condition where magnesium may be helpful. Clinically this seems to be especially useful for muscle pain or spasm.

Transdermal (TD) vitamin B12

Contain 5mgs (5,000mcg) of methylcobalamin per ml.

I am very much hoping that these transdermal preparations will be as effective as injected magnesium and B12. So many of my ME patients get so much benefit from injected magnesium and B12, but they are expensive. Furthermore, magnesium injections often sting and leave temporary injection lumps. Again watch this space!!

Supplements in aqueous cream or water

Another way to get minerals and water soluble vitamins onto and through the skin is using aqueous cream, or if you dislike using the cream via water. Simply mix the daily dose of minerals, water soluble vitamins (all the B vitamins and vitamin C) with just enough warm water to dissolve them. You need surprisingly little! Apply with a sponge all over the body. Initially there is an oily feel because magnesium chloride in the Mineral Mix is hygroscopic, then the skin feels a bit sticky as it dries, but soon it feels dry.

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