Microbial ecology profile

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Test Microbial ecology profile
Laboratory Genova Diagnostics
Price £200.00
Sample required STOOL
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Here are the relevant Genova documents explaining the procedure:


The stomach, duodenum and small intestine should be free from micro-organisms (bacteria, yeast and parasites – hereafter called bugs!). In the large bowel, on the other hand, we have huge numbers of bugs. Foods that cannot be digested upstream are fermented in the large bowel to produce many substances highly beneficial to the body. This also generates heat to help keep us warm. While the human body is made up of 10 million million cells, in our gut we have 100 million million bugs or more, i.e. ten times as many! Bugs make up 60% of dry stool weight, there are over 500 different species, but 99% of bugs are from 30-40 species. All is well when these bugs are the beneficial ones, but things can go wrong when pathogenic organisms set up camp in the large bowel.

In this test Genova Diagnostics lab can measure the amount of different bacteria, both beneficial and pathogenic, in a stool sample.


This test is performed on a stool sample.


The kit will be posted to you from Genova Diagnostics UK. Included with the kit will also be clear instructions on how to collect the sample and prepare it for transport.


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