Magnesium test - whole blood

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Test Details for Ordering
Test Magnesium test - whole blood
Laboratory TDL
Price £53.50
Sample required blood
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This test measures the amount of the mineral magnesium in whole blood. I rarely do this test because magnesium deficiency is so common, and we should all be on at least 100mgs daily with vitamin D3 10,000iu for its absorption

Most doctors do not understand the difference between a serum magnesium and a whole blood magnesium. Serum levels must be kept within a tight range, or the heart stops. Therefore serum levels are maintained at the expense of levels inside cells (reflected by whole blood measurements). Most labs just do serum levels and patients are told their magnesium is normal when actually they may be deficient.

For advice on treating magnesium problems please see Magnesium.


This test is performed on a blood sample.


The kit for this test includes a Lavender or Green top bottle, packaging materials for transporting the blood sample in the post, a request form and a pre-paid envelope.


  • Make arrangements to have a blood sample taken
  • Make sure that your name and date of birth are correct on the blood tube
  • Make sure all the necessary details are correct on the laboratory request form.
  • Post the samples in the packaging provided making sure that the laboratory request form is enclosed with the samples.
Please, note that there is an interpretation fee for my letter to your GP. See Ordering Tests for more details.