Magnesium and B12 injections - what to do if you get better with them?

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Suggested Way Forward

If you get a good response to magnesium and/or B12, then you can adjust the frequency of injections according to your response. I suggest initially going to injections every two weeks and then gradually spacing them out further. Some people seem to need regular injections of magnesium in order to stay well. One can be flexible with dosing - a stressful time may require one injection a week, whereas a less stressful time may require only one injection a month. It is virtually impossible to overdose with either B12 or magnesium - one injection of magnesium only contains one third of the recommended daily amount - indeed it surprises me that such a small amount can have such a large effect.

With B12, studies have been done involving patients injecting themselves with 15mgs daily with no side effects. This demonstrates how safe B12 is.

Please also see Magnesium by injection - the only way to guarantee getting magnesium levels up in the body for more guidance on frequency of dosing and B12 - rationale for using vitamin B12 in CFS

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