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So, who gets it?

Multiple chemical sensitivity can occur in anybody, but very often there is some overwhelming exposure to a toxic substance which triggers it in that person. The groups of workers with well documented chemical sensitivity following occupational exposure are as follows:

  • Aerotoxic pilots and cabin crew
  • Gulf war veterans
  • Homeowners exposed to pentachlorophenol wood preservatives
  • Homeowners/Office workers exposed to organophosphate/carbamate pesticides
  • Hospital workers
  • Sheep dippers exposed to organophosphate pesticides
  • Radiology workers exposed to film developing chemicals
  • Solvent-exposed workers
  • Office workers and teachers (various indoor air exposures) – otherwise known as sick building syndrome
  • Homeowners/office workers exposed to volatile organic compounds associated with remodeling – such as new carpets, new paint and new office furniture
  • Casino workers exposed to mixed pesticides
  • Implant recipients
  • Chemical weapons production workers
  • Agricultural workers exposed to organophosphate pesticides

Why is MCS denied?

In all these cases there has been excessive exposure to chemicals with MCS resulting. It is quite clear from inspection of these lists that the reason MCS is denied by the establishment is because all these illnesses are caused by exposures in the workplace. To admit that MCS exists and is as a result of these exposures would result in major litigation.

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