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I am always looking for new treatments for candida which, for many people, is a major problem. The first port of call, of course, is to do The Basics, namely -


However, many people need specific antifungals, which can be herbal or prescribed medication. Because yeast infections are less common than bacterial infections, we have a wide range of antibiotics to choose from, but not such a wide range of antifungals. Lufenuron gives us another useful and effective systemic antifungal.

Lufenuron is much better known in the veterinary world as Program. It is used to treat parasite infections such as fleas. It works because it inhibits chitin production. Humans and, indeed, all mammals do not produce chitin and therefore the potential for side effects in humans is very small. Insects do need chitin to make a tough exoskeleton. Interestingly, so do yeasts and moulds – it is chitin in their cell wall that makes them so tough and difficult to kill.

Therefore, potentially Lufenuron can be used to kill yeasts and moulds and, indeed, this has been well demonstrated in the veterinary world. It is not metabolised or eliminated by the liver or kidneys, but excreted through the faeces and again this makes it remarkably non-toxic.

Lufenuron is very lipid soluble – this means it is taken over five days and loads up into fatty tissues from which it is slowly released over four to six weeks. This maintains tissue concentrations high enough to kill all yeast, including candida, for at least a month and possibly longer. One can get die-off reactions, but that is the case with any antifungal which is effective. This ebay seller (Ebay Lufenuron seller) sells lufenuron and there are other non-UK sites too from where you can obtain supplies.

I have had some happy feedback already from patients taking Lufenuron.

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