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Test Litmus paper test
Laboratory Prostix
Price £7.99
Sample required urine
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There are many providers of Litmus Paper - here is one - Prostix Litmus Paper


This test helps to make the diagnosis of hyperventilation.

Hyperventilation is a clinical diagnosis. However during an acute attack of hyperventilation, the pH (acidity) of the blood changes to alkali and so does the urine. Testing urine with litmus paper after an attack could suggest a diagnosis of hyperventilation. Please see Hyperventilation - makes you feel as if you can't get your breath

This test wants to be done in conjunction with other measures of hyperventilation such as re-breathing into a paper bag, measuring how fast you breath, ability to hold a controlled pause, symptoms and provoking factors etc. The litmus test is just part of the diagnosis.


You can do this test at home on a urine sample.


The kit for this test consists of 10 litmus papers.


The kit for this test consists of 20 litmus papers.

Test your urine by dipping a litmus paper in it. If the colour remains pink, there is probably no hyperventilation. If the paper changes colour to blue, then this indicates that the urine is alkaline and so hyperventilation is a possible cause of this.