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Life The Basic Manual


I am pleased to upload a series of YouTubes as filmed and edited by "Life The Basic Manual." See Life The Basic Manual YouTube Channel Here is an introduction by Sian James of Life The Basic Manual:

“Life The Basic Manual has recorded this playlist with the fearless and brilliant Dr Sarah Myhill in an attempt to make more sufferers aware that recovery from ME/CFS is possible. Over the course of these short clips, designed to be ME-friendly with short lengths, and very clearly presented information, Dr Myhill will cover the basics of her approach, her paradigm of what these syndromes are, and the roles of diet, infectious disease and the endocrine system in their causation. She will also be discussing MAIMES (see MAIMES), a patient advocacy group that seeks to hold to account those who have damaged ME/CFS patients in the medical system, and the exciting new health portal, Natural Health Worldwide Portal she has funded so that ME/CFS patients can access help more easily. Please share widely!”

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Here are the links and titles of the YouTubes so far uploaded.

As more YouTubes are released they will be added here.

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