Homo Sapiens Chemicalis - Natural Selection of the Fittest by chemicals

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Article by Steven Davies, Editor Journal of Nutritional Medicine 1995

We are all very different. No two people are the same in looks, sound, personality, temperament, moods, physical shape, mental ability, etc. These differences also include our chemical make up and internal biochemistry. We all have differences in our internal organs, brain chemistry, immune systems, liver and kidney functions etc etc. It is this variability within homo sapiens that allows us to adapt to changes in the environment in which we live. Humans are a hugely adaptable species which is probably why we are one of the most successful species on Earth today. We can make changes to our lives which allow us to cope or adapt to changes in our environment.

If we do not make such changes, then we becomes dis-eased, or ill. At present, the environment of Western man is changing extremely quickly in evolutionary terms. Probably the single most important change is in our chemical environment. We are being exposed to a whole range of new chemicals. Most of us have defence systems which can clear these new chemicals from the body and so they don't poison us. However some people are unable to clear them quickly and so they accumulate in the system. The organs most affected in the short term are probably the brain and the immune system. In the longer term these chemicals are deposited especially in fatty areas such as the testes (accounting for falling sperm counts), breast (partly accounting for rising breast cancer) and brain (accounting for the rise in neurodegenerative disorders such as dementias, Parkinson's disease etc).

To protect ourselves from the effects of toxic chemicals we have several lines of defence. However these defences are dependant on good nutrition. Again we differ greatly in how much we need - for example people with viral infections have a much greater requirement for vitamin C than people in rude health. Vitamin C is the bullet that the immune system needs to shoot viruses. Similarly different people have different requirements for other vitamins, trace elements, essential fatty acids, amino acids etc. This makes a nonsense of the "Recommended Daily Amounts" of vitamins and trace elements as we all have different requirements which also vary with age, stress, disease, mental state, time of year, time of the month and so on.

When you have CFS, this means that the system has failed to adapt to the stresses thrown at it. I could give anybody CFS if I stressed them enough. I would wait until they got 'flu, make them run a marathon, stop them from sleeping, feed them junk food, poison them with a few pesticide sprays, then arrange a divorce or death of a loved one followed by a house move. Nobody could adapt to that sort of stress, (but you would be surprised how often people do stress themselves in these ways!). These are all the things that I see as the "last straw that breaks the camel's back" and tip people into full blown dis-ease. Treating CFS is all about identifying those stresses and improving the body's ability to withstand them.

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