Helicobacter Pylori breath test

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Test Details for Ordering
Test Helicobacter Pylori Breath Test
Laboratory TDL
Price £86.00
Sample required breath sample
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This test is a measure of current, as opposed to past, infection with helicobacter pylori bacterium. It is useful to monitor whether or not eradication therapy has been effective.

If the result of this test is positive, you need eradication therapy which has to be prescribed by your GP/physician.

It is possible that H. pylori is a risk factor for arterial disease - see Arteriosclerosis - what causes it and how to prevent it - another good reason for getting rid of it!


This test is performed on a breath sample.


The kit for this test includes 4 sample tubes, set of labels and an instructions booklet, and an addressed envelope for sending the sample to the laboratory.


Please fast for 6 hours prior to the test and avoid smoking.

The following medications should be avoided before the test: 3-4 days H2 antagonists, non-prescription peptic ulcer treatments 14 days Proton pump inhibitors (e.g. omeprazole) 4 weeks Antibiotics Please consult your doctor before withholding regular medication.

The test requires you to take a tablet container 13C-urea, a low dose radioactive substance. The radioactivity is similar to the background radiation dose we are all exposed to on a normal day.

You will be required blow into a small bag to fill it with air. You will then be given the tablet and some water, and exactly 10 minutes later a second breath sample will be collected.

Please, note that there is an interpretation fee for my letter to your GP. See Ordering Tests for more details.