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Grains are a common cause of disease. The key issues, in brief, are -

a) High glycaemic index which dysregulates blood sugar and feeds the upper fermenting gut

b) Allergy presenting with IBS, migraine, depression, skin disorders, asthma, arthritis and more

c) Auto-immunity may be triggered by gluten

d) Lectins - see Lectins - Natural Toxins found in some grains and some vegetables

e) Endogenous opiate mimics which may be a problem in autism

f) High pesticide content. Glyphosate is an increasing problem

g) Bran is high in phytic acid which binds and inhibits absorption of minerals such as iron and zinc.

h) Deficient in minerals. Grains are shallow rooting annual plants, often grown year in, year out on the same patch of land.

In particular if you have had a normal test for coeliac disease (see Coeliac disease (gluten allergy) test - Gliadin antibodies ) that does not mean it is safe to eat gluten grains!

See The Paleo Ketogenic Diet - PK Bread for a linseed based bread recipe.

Eat a PK Diet

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