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At the first sign of any infection you must immediately put in place Groundhog Acute. Do not forget Dr Fred Klenner -

“The patient should get large doses of Vitamin C in all pathological conditions while the physician ponders the diagnosis.”

Dr Frederick Robert Klenner, B.S., M.S., M.D., F.C.C.P., F.A.A.F.P. 1907 – 1984

Strike soon, strike hard because time is of the essence:

  • You will feel much better very quickly!
  • The immune system will not be so activated that it cannot turn off subsequently. So many patients I see with ME started their illness with an acute infection from which they never recovered – the immune system stayed switched on.
  • The shorter and less severe the acute infection the less chance of switching on inappropriate immune reactions such as auto-immunity. Many viruses are associated with an arthritis – so called ”palindromic rheumatism”. I think of this as viral allergy.
  • The shorter and less severe the acute infection the less the chance that microbe has of making itself a permanent home in your body. Many diseases from Crohn’s and cancer, polymyalgia and Parkinson’s to ME and malignancy all have an infectious driver.

At the first sign of the tingling, sore throat, runny nose, malaise, headache, cystitis, skin inflammation, insect bite, or whatever……..

Diagram of how the Groundhogs 'work'


Groundhog ACUTE

Groundhog ACUTE element Comments
The Paleo-Ketogenic diet – high fat, high fibre, very low carb. Probiotic foods like kefir and sauerkraut

No dairy or grains. 2 meals a day. No snacking.

See my book My book - Paleo-Ketogenic: The Why and The How
You may consider a fast – this is essential for any acute gut infection. Drink rehydrating fluids ie sunshine salt 5 grams in 1 litre of water ad lib. “Starve a cold, starve a fever”

(No – not a typo – starve any short-lived infection)

Vitamin C to bowel tolerance. The need for vitamin C increases hugely with any infection. Interestingly the bowel tolerance changes so one needs a much higher dose to get a loose bowel motion during an infection. If you do not have a very loose bowel motion within 1 hour take another 10 grams. Keep repeating until you get diarrhoea

Most need 3-4 doses to abolish symptoms

Vitamin C greatly reduces any viral, indeed any microbial, load in the gut (remember some of the infecting load of influenza virus will get stuck onto the sticky mucous which lines the lungs and is coughed up and swallowed)

Vitamin C improves the acid bath of a stomach. Vitamin C protects one from the inevitable free radical damage of an active immune system

A good multivitamin

Sunshine salt 1 tspn daily in water A dessert spoon of hemp oil

Sunshine salt in water because you should be fasting. 5 grams (one teaspoonful) in one litre of water provides an 0.5% solution.
Take Lugol’s iodine 15% 2 drops in a small glass of water every hour until symptoms resolve. Swill round mouth, gargle, sniff and inhale the vapour. When swilling and gargling, spit out afterwards. The spitting out avoids any possible issues with vitamin C [being a reducing agent] and iodine [being an oxidising agent] 'cancelling each other out'. Sniffing and inhaling iodine will not cancel out Vitamin C in the gut because the gut is a different 'department' of the body from the nasal passages. 30 seconds of direct contact with iodine kills all microbes.
With respiratory symptoms put 4 drops of Lugol’s iodine 15% into a salt pipe and inhale for 2 minutes – do this at least 4 x a day.

Apply a smear or iodine ointment inside the nostrils.

30 seconds of direct contact with iodine kills all microbes

This will contact kill microbes on their way in or on their way out rendering you less infectious to others!

Apply iodine ointment 10% to any bite, skin break or swelling. Contact kills all microbes and is absorbed through the skin to kill invaders
Herbs, spices and fungi If you are still struggling, then read My book "The Infection Game - life is an arms race" for the effective herbal preparations and how to deal with complications.
Rest – listen to your symptoms and abide by them. Sleep is even more important with illness. I see so many people who push on through acute illness and risk a slow resolution of their disease with all the complications that accompany such. The immune system needs the energy to fight! I find vitamin C to bowel tolerance combined with a good night’s sleep has kept me cold free and flu free for 35 years
Heat. Keep warm. Fevers kill all microbes. Some benefit from saunaing. Do not exercise!
Light – sunshine is best Sunbathe if possible.
Use your brain – do not symptom suppress with drugs! Symptoms help the body fight infection. Anti-inflammatories inhibit healing and repair – they allow the microbes to make themselves permanently at home in the body

You may consider that doing all the above amounts to over-kill. But when that ‘flu epidemic arrives, as it surely will, you will be very happy to have been prepared and to have these weapons to hand so that you, your family, friends and neighbours will survive. Stock up that first aid box now!

‘Be prepared’, as Lord Baden-Powell wrote in ‘Scouting for Boys’, and there is more wisdom from Benjamin Franklin, (17 January 1706 - 17 April 1790):

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Pregnant and breastfeeding Women and Children

All Groundhog regimes are safe, indeed desirable, for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Children under the age of 12 should halve doses of supplements and take a 'children's multivitamin' such as Biocare Children's Complete Multinutrient - they should work out their own Bowel Tolerance of Vitamin C, just as adults do, but by taking 5grams of Vitamin C every hour until reached.

Monitoring blood sugar and Vitamin C

Bear in mind that the DIY home tests for blood sugar rely on a test that employs glucose oxidase. Vitamin C cross-reacts – so if you are taking vitamin C to bowel tolerance your blood will be saturated with vitamin C and this may give false highs. My experience is that this may be 2-3mmols/l higher than the actual blood glucose. That is to say an apparent reading of 7-8mols/l equates to a real reading of 4-5mmol of glucose.

First aid box contents

John Churchill, 1st Duke of Blenheim, (26 May 1650, -16 June 1722) was a successful general, partly because he made sure his armies were fully equipped for battle. The essence of success is to be prepared with the necessary to combat all boarders! Strike early and strike hard. Of John Churchill, Captain Robert Parker (who was at the Battle of Blenheim, 13 August 1704) wrote:

“….it cannot be said that he ever slipped an opportunity of fighting…”

We must be equally belligerent in our own individual battles! And part of this belligerence is preparedness….so keep the following in your own ‘Battle First Aid Box’’! And use it at the first sign of attack!

Issue First Aid box item / comments
For acute infections Vitamin C as ascorbic acid at least 500grams (it is its own preservative so lasts for years)

Lugol’s iodine 15% - at least 50ml (it is its own preservative so lasts for years)

Conjunctivitis, indeed any eye infection Iodine eye drops eg Minims povidine iodine 5%. OR 2 drops of Lugol’s iodine 15% in 5mls of water. This does not sting the eyes and is the best killer of all microbes in the eye
Upper airways infections Lugol’s iodine – to use in steam inhalation OR

Salt pipe into which drizzle 4 drops of Lugol’s iodine 15% per dose

Skin breaches Salt – 2 teaspoonful (10 grams) in 500ml water (approx 1 pint) plus 20ml Lugol’s iodine 15%. Use ad lib to wash wound. Once clean allow to dry

Smother with iodine oil (coconut oil 100ml with 10ml of Lugol’s iodine 15% mixed in) Plaster or micropore to protect

Fractures If skin broken – as above.

Immobilise. If limb fracture, wrap in cotton wool to protect, bandage abundantly with vet wrap to splint it Next stop …………..casualty

Burns As for skin breaches

If a large burn then use cling film to protect once cleaned (put the iodine ointment on the cling film first, then apply to burn. Protect as per fracture above. Very large burn……next stop casualty

Sterile dressings Melolin is a good allrounder

Large roll of cotton wool, crepe bandages (various sizes) and micropore tape to protect any damaged area from further trauma Vet wrap bandage – wonderful stuff, especially if you are in the wilds, to hold it all together.

Gastroenteritis Sunshine salt - to make up a perfect rehydration drink. 5grams (1 teaspoonful) in 1 litre of water gives a 0.5% solution.
Urine infections Multistix to test urine

D mannose and potassium citrate

Consider acquiring antibiotics for intelligent use These should not be necessary if you stick to Groundhog Basic and apply Groundhog Acute

BUT I too live in the real world and am no paragon of virtue. So if you slip off the band wagon:

Amoxil 500mgs x 21 capsules for dental infection
Cephalexin 500mgs three times daily for ENT and respiratory infections
Doxycycline 100mgs twice daily for diverticulitis (DO NOT USE IN PREGNANCY OR CHILDREN)
Trimethoprim 200gs twice daily for urinary infection
If you are susceptible to a particular infection then make sure you always hold the relevant antibiotic! The sooner you treat the less the damage………always start with Groundhog Acute

Putting together such a Battle First Aid Box is as much an intellectual exercise as a practical one. As Shakespeare writes in Henry V,

“All things are ready, if our mind be so.”

Shakespeare, 1564- 23 April 1616

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