Full blood count

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Test Details for Ordering
Test Full blood count
Laboratory TDL
Price £50.50
Sample required blood
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This test looks at the number of red blood cells, their size and how much haemoglobin (to carry oxygen) is packaged into each one; the numbers of white cells; and also provides a break-down of the numbers of different types of cell, including the number of platelets (which allow blood to clot). One would expect to find abnormalities here in anaemia, B12 deficiency, folic acid deficiency, sometimes underactive thyroid, iron deficiency, infections, leukaemias, and - rarely - allergy or parasites.

It is a screening test very commonly done in any medical work-up of a patient. Just because it shows "normal" results does not mean all is well. However, some doctors are very naughty and tell their patients, quite erroneously, "Oh! The blood test is fine, so there is nothing the matter!".


This test is performed on a blood sample.


The kit for this test includes an EDTA blood tube, a plastic blood tube carrier, a plastic bag for sealing the sample, a request form, and a pre-paid envelope for sending the sample to the laboratory.


To complete the test: have the blood taken and put in the blood tube (see blood-letting information), making sure that your name and date of birth are clearly marked on the tube. Check that your details are correct on the request form. Using the packaging materials provided, prepare the sample for posting in the pre-paid addressed envelope. Please, make sure that the request form is sent along with the samples. Post on a week-day.

Please, note that there is an interpretation fee for my letter to your GP. See Ordering Tests for more details.