Food allergies - a common cause of lots of symptoms, including fatigue

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Food allergy as a cause of fatigue

1.The starting point for tackling this is the PK diet. Please see


This also helps identify other foods to which one may be sensitive because the major allergens are out of the way!

2.Food allergy is the great mimic and can produce any symptom. In my early days of treating CFS/ME I did not have many tools to use - and because of this, I started with allergy and Enzyme Potentiated Desensitisation (EPD). I used this tool a great deal. The results were surprisingly good which told me that allergy is often an important but unrecognised player.

3.I am often caught out by allergies to chemicals (and therefore chemical toxicity - the two go together) and allergy to moulds - this is very difficult to avoid in the UK - see Mould Sensitivity, Chemical poisoning - general principles of diagnosis and treatment,Do A Good Chemical Clean-Up: chemicals make you fat and fatigued!, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) - Principles of Treatment and many other pages on this site - please search 'chemical' in the top right hand corner search function.

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I do not consider tests for food allergy to be very reliable and so I rarely request them, although I do use the Coeliac disease (gluten allergy) test - Gliadin antibodies.

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and my two books on the "PK" diet

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