Female sex hormones - what to do if levels are low

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In Short

The answer is not to prescribe them! This is the response of the intellectually idle doctor who just has to reach for a prescription pad. This creates huge problems later in life.

Why, briefly

Female sex hormones allow one to be fertile. Nature will not permit this unless one is in tip top condition. So low levels of female sex hormones point to a problem upstream. It's the old story - find out the cause.

Most likely cause

It's usually nutritional. The control of female sex hormones comes from the hypothalamus, a vital part of the brain. So it is no wonder that psychological problems may also manifest wobbly hormone levels - the converse is also true -wobbly hormone levels can cause massive psychological problems -one only has to think of pre-menstural tension and post natal depression!

See Poor nutritional status as a cause of gynaecological problems

See also

See also

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