Fat biopsy for pesticides or Volatile Organic Compounds

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Test Details for Ordering
Test Fat biopsy for pesticides or Volatile Organic Compounds
Price £96.00
Sample required tiny amount of fat tissue
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Any presence of pesticides and/or volatile organic compounds in human tissue is abnormal and is a reflection of the polluted world in which we live. These chemicals are all lipid soluble and bio-accumulate in fatty organs, particularly the brain, breast, bone marrow and testes. Levels are measured in milligrams per kilogram. This is a comparable level to those used when testing blood levels for drugs - so these are not trace amounts but represent a substantial and significant load.

For some people with sensitivities it is possible that levels within the reference ranges are, indeed, causing them symptoms now. Many patients with multiple chemical sensitivity will react to such an endogenous chemical load. Many of these chemicals are known carcinogens and teratogens (an agent that can disturb the development of an embryo or foetus) - indeed, some authorities believe that these chemicals now cause more cancer than cigarette smoking.

It is now possible to analyse a fat sample for the presence of a number of pesticides or volatile organic compounds (Fat Biopsy). Depending on the chemicals you have been exposed to, you can choose to have your sample tested either for pesticides or for the VOCs. Each individual test costs 96 GBP.

If you would like to be tested for the full range of toxins (pesticides and VOCs), this can also be requested. The cost of the Fat cell toxins test is 171 GBP. Please, make your choice clear on the order part of the questionnaire.

A positive result does not tell us when that exposure took place, nor if these chemicals are causing symptoms now. Having said that, the commonest manifestation of such a high chemical load are chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity, neurological damage and immunological damage (reflecting damage to other organs which are relatively rich in lipids).

Sample reports

You can see a sample report for a fat biopsy for pesticides here Pesticides in fat cells. A sample report for a fat biopsy for VOCs is here: VOCs in fat cells.


Fat sample ||


Blue topped, trace element free bottle

10ml syringe and green needle

ACUMEN request form - make sure that your name, address and DOB are on the form.

ACUMEN envelope and a plastic carrier to protect blood bottle


This is actually a very easy test to do as Acumen only need a very tiny amount of fat to get a result. This can be achieved by using a green needle and a 10ml syringe. The green needle is inserted into the area for biopsy. I usually use the upper outer part of the buttock. Once the needle is in the fat, apply suction using the syringe, by pulling the plunger back to 10ml and then withdraw the needle from the body. A few microgrammes of fat will be contained inside the shaft of the needle and this is sufficient for analysis. The needle then needs to be put into the blue topped, trace element free bottle, packaged and posted to Acumen.

Please, note that there is an interpretation fee for my letter to your GP. See Ordering Tests for more details.