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Commencing in April 2023, I have started doing free Webinars for members of my two Facebook Groups.

These groups are:

In order to find out about when my next Webinars will be, please do join either of these groups. The admins,Katie Twinn and Craig Robinson , are very friendly!

How it works

Every 2 months or so, a new topic for the next Webinar is agreed, sometimes it is my idea, or sometimes Katie and Craig ask their Facebook Group members for ideas and take a straw poll.

The Webinars are live and allow for live interaction.

I will chat for around 45 minutes on whatever topic has been chosen and then there will be approximately 45 minutes of a question and answer session - normally this will be done via the Zoom Chat Box.

Zoom facilities are provided by The Academy of Nutritional Medicine (AONM), and I am grateful to them.

The Webinars are recorded by AONM and then uploaded to my YouTube and Rumble Channels.

List of Webinars and Links

Dr Sarah Myhill The Underactive Thyroid Zoom Q & A session - 27 April 2023

This Webinar was about my new book "The Underactive Thyroid - Do it yourself because your doctor won't"

Dr Sarah Myhill Question and Answer session with her Facebook Group members - 13 June 2023

This webinar was a general question and answer session on any topics that Facebook Group Members wished to discuss - questions were submitted before the live Webinar and also during the Webinar itself.

Dr Myhill and the Cardiovascular system - 19 September 2023

This Webinar discussed cardiovascular and circulation issues, including POTs, the prevention and treatment of arterial disease (angina), cardiac dysrhythmias, valve problems and heart failure.

Dr Myhill - Chronic Infections - 23 November 2023

So often this is mishandled by diving in too soon with antibiotics, antifungals or antivirals before the basics have been put in place. The overall strategy to treat a chronic infection is --
--Supply the immune system with the raw materials and energy to function.
--Starve out the infections with ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting (to switch on autophagy).
--Kill ‘em with natural remedies such as vitamin C, iodine, DMSO, herbals (eg Vedicinal),
--Reduce the total infectious load with methylene blue and activate this process with light.
--Concentrate the immune “fire “with micro immunotherapy.

See also Vedicinal 9 for Long Covid, Spikopathy and ME - treatment

Dr Myhill - 3rd Edition of "Diagnosis and Treatment of CFS, ME and Long Covid" - 22 February 2024

Here I talk about the 3rd edition of my BMA prize winning book "Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalitis and Long Covid -it’s mitochondria, not hypochondria" and take questions.

Please see Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalitis and Long-Covid (3rd Edition) and British Medical Association Book Awards 2015 for more detail.

Preventing and reversing diabetes - the nitty gritty details - 2 May 2024

The starting point is the PK diet. Here I discuss how to do this with blood sugar monitoring, ketone testing and essential recipes and supplements for success. What to do when you get stuck!

Open Zoom Chat with Dr Sam White and Dr Rachel Brown

Although not a Facebook Group organised webinar, this link is included here because many Facebook Group Members attended and contributed:

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