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Modern Western life styles mean we are inevitably exposed to chemicals - the following is a check list to skim through:


  • sheep dipping,
  • spraying agricultural chemicals (farming, market gardening),
  • being sprayed by tractor or helicopter and spray drift (adjacent homes),
  • insect control “squeeta betas”,
  • contamination of water supplies,
  • working in a chicken farm (fumigation, control of parasites),
  • working in the sea of factory farmed salmon in Scotland (where chemicals are used to control fish lice),
  • repeated head lice treatments,
  • house fumigations for flea control or bed bugs,
  • insect control in hot countries with DDT, OPs etc,
  • control of sand flies (Gulf War Syndrome),
  • greenhouse fumigations,
  • working in a research plant centre where chemicals were weekly used to prevent cross contamination,
  • ‘A’ level student doing a biology project with pesticides,
  • carpet factory where fleeces are washed after sheep have been dipped,
  • lorry driver delivering OPs to farmers,
  • Government Inspectors in sheep markets,
  • dairy farmers daily exposed to OPs for fly control in the milking parlour,
  • poisoning through exposure to dumped cans of sheep dip,
  • welders working in a factory which was manufacturing OPs, timber treatments in houses,
  • treatment of external parasites in dogs, cats, cows (OP pour ons) and so on,
  • firefighters poisoned by burning chemicals,
  • formaldehyde leaking from cavity wall insulation
  • flower industry (lots of chemicals on flowers),
  • timber treatments and handling treated timbers,
  • airline pilots exposed to organophosphates used in engine oils (which allow oils to work at high temperatures) please see Aerotoxic Association
  • cabin staff on airplanes using pesticides to prevent inadvertent import of foreign insects,
  • DDT used to treat infestations (possibly misdiagnosed as polio).

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

  • Poisoning from un-burnt hydrocarbons such as oil, gas, coal and wood. Free standing gas heaters are a particular hazard! These poisonings goes under the misnomer carbon mon-oxide poisoning. Actually the carbon monoxide is just a small part of the problem – yes – this certainly causes acute symptoms, but the long term poisoning arises from the toxic VOCs from unburnt hydrocarbons!
  • Aerotoxic syndrome – this arises because cabin air is pulled in over the engines and possibly contaminated with unburnt fuel and organophosphates used as oil improvers. See
  • Vehicle exhaust fumes
  • Solvents used in carpets – new carpets are particularly pernicious! This together with poor ventilation is probably the main cause of sick building syndrome.
  • Paints
  • Glues
  • Printing inks
  • Cleaning agents - bleach
  • Disinfectants – these often include formaldehyde or other such related compounds.
  • Sterilising agents – “Milton”
  • Perfumes
  • Cosmetics – many are toxic especially hair dyes

Heavy metals

  • Mercury from dental amalgam is the biggest single problem!
  • Nickel we often see blocking biological enzymes (from stainless steel saucepans, jewelry)
  • Vaccinations are a mixture of heavy metals with viral/bacterial particles and I see many cases of CFS following vaccination
  • Lead, cadmium antimony, arsenic
  • Depleted uranium in the Gulf War Veterans

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