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The brain is the most biochemically complicated and metabolically active department of the body. This makes it more sensitive to micronutrient deficiencies, toxic stresses, allergens and addictions than any other part of the body. The basic work up for all mental problems is, therefore, exactly the same as for any other physical disorder! Start off with Your very good health!, being mindful that addiction is the biggest player. Indeed, most psychiatric drugs are also addictive and problems revolve around the fact that psychiatrists are just giving you another addiction, which then creates problems in their own right.

Indeed look at the occupants of any psychiaric ward - they are all addicts but their physicians do not seem to notice! They are all hooked on sugar and fast carbohydrate and this is well catered for by standard cheap hospital diets whihc greatly worsen any nutritional deficiency. Biscuits, tea and coffee are supplied ad lib. Smoking and alcohol may be banned on the ward, but any escapees head straight for the off-licence!

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