Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Acute carbon monoxide poisoning is a well recognised medical emergency. Carbon monoxide displaces oxygen from the blood stream so oxygen delivery is severely impaired or cut off with all the problems that arise from that. Diagnosis is often missed - one has to think of it!

Chronic carbon monoxide poisoning

Actually this is a misnomer. Carbon monoxide rapidly clears from the blood once the source of the poisoning has been removed. Chronic CO poisoning is actually chronic poisoning from burnt hydrocarbons.

The symptoms of such chronic poisoning, whatever the poison, in the longer term are very similar. So in an individual patient clinically it would be impossible to distinguish the symptoms of chronic carbon monoxide/hydrocarbon poisoning from sick building syndrome, sheep dip fu, Gulf War Syndrome or whatever. See Organophosphate Poisoning - symptoms and treatment

The approach to treatment is the same - ie identify and remove the cause, then see Chemical poisoning - general principles of diagnosis and treatment

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See also this free pdf book -

CO Gas Safety - The Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety Society

This is an excellent charity and source of information. Their website is here - CO Gas Safety Website

Below you will find uploads of 2 very useful documents:

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