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Test Details for Ordering
Test Urine analysis
Laboratory N / A
Price £6.00
Sample required urine
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This is a useful screening test for diabetes, infection and kidney disease. Your physician must treat and/or investigate any positive finding.

With this test you can look for signs of blood (infection, cancer), sugar (diabetes), protein (kidney disease), ketones (hunger, diabetes), nitrite (infection) and white blood cells (infection) in the urine. Also you can check the pH (hyperventilation) and specific gravity (kidney disease).

We can send you dip sticks to test urine for protein, sugar, pH, ketones, blood, infection (white cells and nitrites). This is a very handy thing to keep in stock, especially if you are prone to recurrent infections.

Any positive result needs to be investigated further. The commonest problem is infection which shows up with either blood, leucocytes or nitrites or a combination. Inthis event, take a further sample of urine in the red topped bottle (with powder). This should be sent off by your own doctor for further analysis. If your doctor refuses (I know they can be difficult), post the sample off to our lab DSL. This is not perfect since UTIs should be treated as a matter of urgency and the lab result will take 5-7 days. See Urine MULTISTIX analysis interpretation for a more detailed explanation of results.

All children with UTIs must be further investigated. A UTI should be considered in any child with an ongoing temperature.

All men with UTIs must be further investigated.

UTIs in women are common because they have a short urethra (peeing tube). However recurrent UTIs shold be investigated.

Further investigations may include ultrasound, IVP (X-ray with dye) or ongoing monitoring.



The kit consists of 3 Multistix dip sticks and a colour chart for checking the results of the analysis. The stix should be kept in the sealed plastic bag provided at all times, with as much air expelled as possible after opening the bag each time as moisture from the air will spoil the test stix. Check the colours on the dip stix match the "normal" colours on the chart before testing. If you need multistix for long term regular use, you need to order a full pot of 25 sticks at the cost of ?12 - these then keep for about 12 months.


Before you test, check that the colours on the dip -stick match the "normal" colours on the chart.

To test your urine, put a sample of your urine in a small jar. Dip a stick in it and take out straight away. You need to check the reading for each substance at the correct time so be prepared to measure the time accurately. Start at the bottom of the chart, first looking for glucose after 30 seconds and ending at the top of the chart looking for leukocytes (white blood cells) after 1- 2 minutes.

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