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Important Note - March 2017

Please note that due to Dr Myhill’s extremely heavy workload the following policies will apply as of August 2016:

1.Dr Myhill will now carry out the Adrenal Stress Profile test for 'correspondence only' patients and non-patients within the UK.This will be carried out on a TEST FACILITY ONLY basis - you will receive a copy of the test result together with test interpretation for a fee of £55 (test kit fee £88 - total cost £143). If you wish to carry out this test please e-mail Gail -

2.No new patient consultations are currently being accepted.

3.‘Correspondence only’ patients (i.e. those who have never spoken with her at a consultation) may only order repeat tests or a test that has been recommended in a letter from Doctor Myhill and have an interpretation of such – no other tests sorry except an Adrenal Stress Profile - see point 1. above.

4.All other test requests from non-patients remain suspended.

Test Interpretations

To interpret any test we need a medical history. You will be charged according to the length of that history! So for a simple screening test in a healthy person there will be minimal work and minimal cost.

You can access the Full medical questionnaire. Use this to fill in the questionnaire on your computer[1]. Copy / paste in details of the test(s) you require at the bottom of the form before you save it on your PC. Return this to (Nicky) by attachment ideally to an email otherwise by post.

  • The completed questionnaire and your payment will constitute your order.


  1. You can use any word processor that can work with Word 2000 compatible DOC files such as Microsoft Word, Windows Wordpad, Writer


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