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  • If you would like to receive news updates from my practice, you can add your email address to the mailing list. These updates will usually have links to new or substantially revised pages on my website but also, from time to time, other significant news. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail message to News subscription. (
  • Please, do not reply to these news updates. If you need to contact one of my secretaries or me as a result of an e-mail update, send a separate message to the relevant e-mail address.
  • To remove your name from the mailing list, send a blank e-mail message FROM THE EMAIL ACCOUNT WHICH IS REGISTERED on the News Update list to Unsubscribe ( You will then receive an email asking you to confirm that you wish to leave the list. Just reply to that email and the process is complete.
  • NOTE - when you send your blank email in order to subscribe, as detailed above, you will receive the following message back:
 "Hi! This is the ezmlm program. I'm managing the mailing list.
 I'm working for my owner, who can be reached
 To confirm that you would like
 *email address* [ie your email address]
 added to the news mailing list, please send
 an empty reply to this address:

Then there will be a link which includes your email address followed by:

 Usually, this happens when you just hit the "reply" button.
 If this does not work, simply copy the address and paste it into
 the "To:" field of a new message.
 This confirmation serves two purposes. First, it verifies that I am able
 to get mail through to you. Second, it protects you in case someone
 forges a subscription request in your name.

Then there is further guidance on Administrative commands for the news list:

 I can handle administrative requests automatically. Please
 do not send them to the list address! Instead, send
 your message to the correct command address:
 For help and a description of available commands, send a message to:
 If you need to get in touch with the human owner of this list,
 please send a message to: